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Parent Coordination:

A parent coordinator provides parent coordination services that help high conflict families resolve parenting disputes before, during and sometimes after going to court.  Governed by statute in some states and requiring specialized training, it is a process in which a neutral party meets sometimes individually and sometimes in joint sessions with co-parents to discuss any and all child related disputes that are at issue between the parties.  Similar to mediation, the goal is to propose ideas and settlement options to the parties while facilitating appropriate, civil conversation between the parents.  High conflict parents are generally considered those families that have been to court, obtained an order and have thereafter returned to court one or more times as parenting issues continue to arise.  A parent coordinator’s role is to minimize conflict between the parents while bearing in mind what a child’s best interests may be as information, resources and proposals are presented to both parents.

If you and your co-parent continue to have disagreements about parenting or your parenting plan, contacting a parent coordinator for parent coordination services may be the fastest, least expensive option for the resolution of issues.  Our parent coordination service has the dual goals of resolving disputes and creating settlements and improving the long term co-parenting relationship going forward.


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