Yes, in some cases, evening and weekend appointments may be available.  Please contact the office to discuss your situation and needs.

Yes, the office offers phone consultations.

Rates will vary depending on the service requested with mediation typically billed at $100 per hour, parent coordination at $150 per hour and attorney services at $200-$250 per hour.  The office also offers some hourly and daily services at a reduced, flat rate.  Please contact the office to discuss your specific situation.

Payment plans are available on a very limited basis for limited services.  The office accepts cash, check or debit/credit cards.

The hiring of an attorney is a very personal choice depending on a person’s needs.  In some instances, a simple consultation with an attorney about the law will point a client toward a resolution.  In other cases, particularly those involving property and children, the hiring of an attorney may be beneficial in order to obtain the best settlement or outcome in court.

Our office assists with divorce matters, paternity cases, child support issues, custody matters, enforcement actions, modification of orders, protection from abuse and harassment cases, and just about any other types of family issue a client could experience.

In a family law case, spousal support, parental rights and responsibilities, and child support, can be changed so long as a substantial change in circumstances has occurred since the time of the court’s final order.  Numerous court cases have outlined what constitutes a substantial change in circumstances and if your situation meets the criteria, you can proceed with a Motion to Modify and reopen your family law case.

There are two options available for people that need the court to assist them when a party to an order isn’t complying with the order and following the law.  Depending on the facts of a case, one option may be to file a Motion to Enforce.  The other option is a Motion for Contempt.  The paperwork, processes involved, burden of proof and the court remedies differ so it is important to consult with an attorney as to which option may be best for your situation.

Protection from Abuse and Protection from Harassment cases are extremely serious matters.  If harm to you or your children is imminent, go directly to your local courthouse for the proper paperwork.  If you or your children have experienced abuse or are fearful of being abused at some time in the future, it is important that you discuss your situation with an attorney right away.  The statutes have very specific criteria as to which type of case you can file, what abuse and harassment are and what must be established in order to obtain a court order.  Should a protection from abuse order be obtained, the order will impact all other family law cases involving the parties and children.

Yes, attorney Cameron Baker has represented parents in child protective matters and has been appointed for children in court in these type of cases as their Guardian ad Litem.

A Guardian ad Litem is a person who is appointed by the court to assist in interviewing, gathering information and reporting to the court in a family or guardianship matter.  A Guardian ad Litem can be an attorney, a mental health professional or a court appointed special advocate.  His or her job will be to present the court with information and recommendations to assist in determining what the best interests of a child may be.  In some cases, a Guardian ad Litem is automatically court appointed and in other cases, parties can request that one be appointed.

Mediation is a cost effective process that attempts to resolve conflicts via a confidential meeting in which the parties sit down with a mediator and discuss potential solutions to an issue or an entire case.  If parties have retained counsel, the parties and their attorneys will all discuss and assist with drafting a potential settlement agreement.  Mediation can occur prior to litigation, during litigation or even after a case has resolved if parties are not complying with a court order or settlement agreement.  If both parties agree that they wish to minimize time spent in court and attorney’s fees, mediation is the best option for dispute resolution.

A parent coordinator is an impartial person trained specifically to work with high conflict families in resolving child related disputes.  Parent coordinators remain neutral, child focused parties that offer solutions to parental rights and responsibilities issues such as timesharing, communication, educational and medical decisions, and the like all while providing education and information to parents to assist them in co-parenting more effectively with one another.

The office assists individuals who have had an issue with a store, a contractor or a business.

A landlord cannot withhold any portion of a security deposit without a written, itemized statement provided to the tenant outlining the reason or reasons for withholding funds.  The written statement must be mailed to the last known address of the tenant and must be provided to the tenant within 30 days if there is a lease or provided to the tenant within 21 days if there isn’t a lease.  Under the law, no portion of a security deposit can be retained for normal wear and tear.

The first step is a Notice to Quit.  The notice will either be a 7 day or a 30 day notice depending on whether or not the tenant has a lease and depending on the reason for eviction.  Once served with the Notice, should the tenant not vacate the premises, the landlord can then proceed with a Forcible Entry and Detainer action against the tenant and ask for a Writ of Possession.  A landlord cannot enter the premises occupied by the tenant, disturb the tenant’s belongings, change the locks to the premises or disturb the utilities going to the rented unit until a Writ of Possession is granted by the court.

If you die without a Will in Maine your assets will pass to your family pursuant to Maine’s intestate statute.  Property could be divided many different ways as the state statutes have different rules for different scenarios.  For example, property is divided one way depending on whether or not you have a spouse but no children, divided another way if you have a spouse and have parents still living, divided differently again if you have a spouse and the two of you have children together, and finally divided a fourth, different way if you have a spouse but children from a different relationship.  If you do not have a spouse, there are five other ways in which your property could be divided depending on your family circumstances.

In Maine you do not need to leave your assets to your children.  If you prefer that your children do not receive your assets, it is particularly important to document your wishes with a Will.

Incorporating a business is the preferred way to limit personal liability in the event that you are sued by a customer or pursued by creditors.  It is important to discuss your type of business, your potential liability, your assets and your tax liability with both an attorney and an accountant when deciding which type of business entity is best for your situation.

Generally bankruptcy cases are referred out to area attorneys who specialize in this practice area.  Attorney Cameron Baker, has, however processed bankruptcy cases in the past.

Generally criminal cases are referred out to area attorneys who specialize in this area of the law.  Attorney Cameron Baker, has, however processed some misdemeanor cases in the past.

Yes, the office can assist you with your guardianship case.