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Landlord and Tenant Law:

Landlord tenant disputes, both commercial and residential, are very common.  While there are many template leases available, it is recommended that both commercial and residential landlords consult with an experienced Maine attorney when drafting a lease.  At Cameron Baker Law Firm an attorney will learn about your property and your objectives and will draft a lease that complies with all aspects of Maine law and that may cover situations that you may not have even considered.  In the event that you need to evict someone, our office can assist you with complying with all of the relevant statutes from a Notice to Quit to a Forcible Entry and Detainer action.  If you simply have questions about your rights and responsibilities as a landlord, half hour appointments are available at a reasonable rate.

For tenants that are having difficulty with their landlord, we are also experienced with representing tenants who have experienced problems with their landlord, problems such as failure to perform maintenance and repairs, wrongful eviction or the wrongful withholding of a security deposit.  In some cases, we are able to ask the court to order reimbursement of attorney’s fees should the landlord have to be sued.

If you have questions about the rights and responsibilities of landlords or tenants in Maine, contact the office today.


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